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Dead Hot

Dead Hot Soap2Day

Set in present-day Liverpool, the two best friends – Jess and Elliot – spiral into a hedonistic lifestyle, partying to numb their grief after the mysterious disappearance of Peter (Jess’ twin brother and the love of Elliott’s life). Five years have passed since Peter’s disappearance and the two friends cling to the hope that they will one day discover the truth behind Peter’s disappearance.

When Elliot begins a new relationship with Will, he finally starts to put the past behind him – that is until he discovers that Will has his own dark secrets. Meanwhile, Jess is contacted by someone claiming to be Peter which sets off a chain of events that leaves the two friends questioning whether Elliot is romantically cursed – or being targeted.

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TV Status: Returning Series


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Starring: Bilal Hasna, Brandon Fellows, Marcus Hodson, Olisa Odele, Penelope Wilton, Peter Serafinowicz, Vivian Oparah