Julie Ann Emery

Eps8 Five Days at Memorial Five Days at Memorial
Five Days at Memorial
IMDb: 7.7

Status: Returning Series
Teenage Badass Teenage Badass
Teenage Badass
IMDb: 5.1

Movie was released on 2020-09-18, the IMDB rating is 4,5 (upd: 09-12-2020) and lasts 99 min. Teenage Badass belongs to the following categories: Comedy. Directed by Dominic Ross, Grant McCord,…

Genre: Comedy
Walkaway Joe Walkaway Joe
Walkaway Joe
IMDb: 5.5

A young boy named Dallas, who goes on a search for his pool-hustling father after he abandons their family. Dallas is determined to bring his father home when he meets…

Christmas on the Coast Christmas on the Coast
Christmas on the Coast
IMDb: 5.8

Hard-hearted New York novelist Dru Cassadine…known for her holiday romance stories (even though she is antilove and anti-Christmas)…is desperate to get her mojo back after a string of flops (and…

I Hate Kids I Hate Kids
I Hate Kids
IMDb: 5.0

Nick Pearson is a life-long bachelor who is finally settling down. On the brink of his wedding he is surprised to find he has a 13 year old son who…

Genre: Best 2019, Comedy
Gifted Gifted
IMDb: 7.6

Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.

Dakota’s Summer Dakota’s Summer
Dakota’s Summer
IMDb: 5.6

Cowgirls ’n Angels Dakota’s Summer tells the story of Dakota Rose, a cowgirl and competitive trick rider who finds out at the age of seventeen that she was adopted. She…

Genre: Drama, Family
The History of Future Folk The History of Future Folk
The History of Future Folk
IMDb: 7.0

An alien intending to claim Earth for his people before their homeworld is destroyed by a comet decides not to eliminate humanity when he hears their music. Instead, he lives…

The A Plate The A Plate
The A Plate
IMDb: 4.6

An unscrupulous young car salesman thinks he’s found a way to take over his philandering boss’ dealership and close the deal with the boss’ beautiful daughter, but there is a…

Genre: Comedy
House House
IMDb: 4.5

Trying to recover from the nearly marriage-breaking stress following the death of their child, Jack (Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie (Heidi Dippold) spontaneously take off on a road trip. But when…

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Hitch Hitch
IMDb: 6.6

Dating coach Alex ’Hitch’ Hitchens mentors a bumbling client, Albert, who hopes to win the heart of the glamorous Allegra Cole. While Albert makes progress, Hitch faces his own romantic…